Of course, everyone loves freebies. However, it may be much easier to find them than you think it is. 

Here are the top 9 ways to get great products and freebies without spending a dime.

1. Give the company some feedback. Companies love to hear how they’re doing. In return, they will often send you out a freebie or a coupon for a freebie for taking the time to let them know. Keep in mind this works as well if you’re an unsatisfied customer, they may give you a freebie or a coupon to see if it was just the particular item (perhaps defective) or to apologize for your disappointment and refund you the money.

2. Seek out freebie websites. Apply online for freebies on free websites.

To help get you started, here are the top 3 freebie websites:


This site was founded in the U.S. Freecycle is the largest freebie site. It has nearly 8 million members from around the world. If you’re British, you can browse the groups from your own area and locate the sellers nearer to you. All members can post ads such as “wanted” or “offers”. 


Similar to eBay, if you’re a member on this site you can post items to sell, buy or trade. As an additional bonus, members can also do a job search or a pet search on the site.


This is a great sample site. MegaFreeStuff offers a variety of samples including makeup, perfume samples, free foods and more. They also have competitions where they are giving away Easter Eggs, you can enter the competition today here.

3. Sign up as a mystery shopper. This is an ideal way to gain some extra cash, share your opinion and enjoy some great freebies. Mystery shopping companies will pay you to shop in exchange for your opinion. All shops are done covertly so they’ll never know it was you. 

4. Freecycle Network is an ideal site for freebies. You don’t have to pay to join and there are over 9 million members so you’re sure to find something that you need or you can get rid of stuff too. Ideal as a source to trade items and find what you do need.

5. Do some surveys. There are a variety of companies that will pay you for doing surveys on their sites or products. In exchange for your honest opinion, you’re going to get some freebies, entered into free drawings and more offers. 

6. Test products in exchange for reviews. It’s really easy to get signed up. Just give your honest opinion for the products that you receive. 

7. Attend special events like store openings, grand openings and the like for all local businesses. Often you’ll receive a freebie bag of goodies for just showing up. In your bag, you’ll find samples or full sized products and coupons or vouchers.

8. Be sure to join all store loyalty or rewards programs. You can earn points toward freebies and steep discounts on products and fuel. You may even receive a birthday reward/gift.

9. Social media offers up a variety of ways to get in on some freebies. There are actually people who make a living by doing this. Sign up for coupons, deals, newsletters and more.

Similarly, websites like Raise are also a fantastic resource to use in terms of keeping up to date with all the latest coupons. For instance, if you are a regular shopper at Macy’s, you can take a look at the latest coupons available here: https://www.raise.com/coupons/macys

Get in on giveaways and promotions. Keep your eyes on the prize.


T xx