So the reason for me starting this blog was to record my ups and downs and share my winning moments with you guys in a hope they help you financially too!

I recently discovered cash envelopes on an insta account I’m obsessed with following. So I decided to get myself one to see if they really could help me budget.

The Concept

The idea behind these budgeting envelopes is that you drawer your cash out at the start of the month and divide it between envelopes for each thing you have a budget for over the month- there is also a handy slot for you to label each section and they all have a super secure durable zip. These are handmade to a high standard

The Result

I’m pleased to say they really do work and I wont be looking back since using them. I have no issue in telling the family no takeaway this weekend if that envelope is empty. It really keeps me on track and accountable for my finances, not to mention they are sleek and stylish too.

Here are 5 ways I have used the cash envelopes to keep me on track.

  1. On a recent holiday to turkey I used the envelopes to keep British pounds, Lira and Euros as the country accepts them all so we had some of every currency going.
  2. In my daily life I like to keep cash separate for Groceries, Takeaways, Petrol, Treats, date nights and Coffee shop visits ( I know it sounds extravagant but my mums retired and loves coffee dates, so its our time to catch up)
  3. My son loves to spend time away with grandparents at various mini trips of their caravan. I always send him with spending money, so separating it into day by day envelopes means he can have little treats everyday rather then running out by day 2.
  4. I have a cash envelope that I also use for business use. Keeping receipts has never been my strong point, but now I have sections all ready in my wallet to fill for wholesalers, postage receipts, petrol and any additional purchases.
  5. Last but not least I fancy myself a bit of an a UK version of an extreme couponer. I know don’t laugh. I love to collect coupons just to save a little bit here an there. There is even items you can get for free with coupons would you believe! The envelops come into play as certain supermarkets only accept certain coupons. So I have a cash envelope dedicated to sections per supermarket. It makes transactions go much smoother in my opinion.

These wallets were kindly gifted to myself by a lovely lady Kamilla on ebay  and she has been kind enough to give some cash envelopes to be given away to my readers.

If you would like to be in with a chance to win a cash envelope for you and a friend simply follow the raffle copter widget below.
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Best of Luck