In these uncertain times I cant be the only one thats suffered with lack of sleep due to the crazy times we are having causing crazy thoughts.

It might be due to the fact that I was due to give birth in the thick of a global pandemic and not having a clue how it was going to pan out.

I didn’t want to take medication that could effect my unborn baby or that would make me feel out of control. I also didn’t want to spend any money on online therapy or alternative methods which can work out expensive.

I found the answer on Youtube

I really did find the answer on youtube- and the answer for me was ASMR. Have you tried it? If not you are really missing out.

ASMR is Autonomous sensory meridian response basically I translate as something that give you tingles and trigger relaxation. There are many different triggers out there. Some people like others chewing or crunching food, painting nails, role play etc.

Whats My Trigger

My trigger is Role plays- mainly salon based role play. Whether it be hair washing, Shaving, Back massaging or hair brushing. I am all over that like a flash.

So I thought I would share with you my top 3 youtube content creators for you to give them a whirl if you like ASMR or are looking for an alternative sleep solution.

ASMR Stars

#1 Little Me Carmie – This young lady is my current number one go to. She does my favourite salon style role plays, as I think thats her full time job and she does the ASMR as a hobby and my god is she good at it. Ive not completed a video in one sitting yet, Im usually passed out minutes in super relaxed and in the zone. She recently bought a portable back wash for hair wash role play- love love love this please do more soon!

#2 Madi ASMR– Another young lady killing it on the ASMR scene and has been for a couple of years. Her sweet soft voice really reels me in and gets me in the zone. She also does role plays but a wide variety.Madi focuses more on virtual scenes where no other person is present with her.Your the client. I love your shaving videos Madi keep them coming.

#3 ASMR Phychetruth – This channel features a variety of young ladies doing many different video types from body massage, hair brushing, nail painting and wellness whispers. There views are insane and I can see why, but i think some young men also just tune in for the view are the wear some very sexy clothing. Not that I benefit as my eyes are shut within seconds but good job at reeling them in girls lol.

Have any of you tried ASMR? If so whats your trigger? If no, would you try it?


T xxx