Flying with kids can sometimes be an absolute nightmare, who knows what mood they are going to be in especially if you fly at a crazy time.

Here are some tips I have learned about flying with a toddler.

  1. Hide away some toys they love to play with a month before you go on holiday, that way they reignite their love for them and will happily spend hours play with them on the plane.
  2. Pack some home comforts- Even though is most countries its going to be super hot, I still pack my sons favourite blanket so he has a little bit of home with him. Sometimes it can be strange for the being away from there own surroundings for so long.
  3. Snacks are key! Pack your hand luggage with loads of your child’s favourite snack. Holiday is all about breaking rules after all so if snacks keep them busy on a 5 hour flight so be it.
  4. Portable DVD players have been a lifesaver. I visit local charity shops and stock up on £1 dvds my son hasn’t watch before so its a new film to get him engrossed in.
  5. A stroller for kids up to age 4 I would say is essential. Kids do loads of swimming and walking and wear themselves out. We always stay in holiday resorts so they usually have alot of walking and a stroller has been a live saver!

What are you travel tips when taking children to a different country?

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