I am a massive fan of TOWIE. Loved it from the start and still to this day watch on in disbelief at some of the lives these people live.

So lavish and luxurious you wonder if all people of Essex are like this.

Well obviously they aren’t, there is every walk of like in every town. Rich, poor, middle class you name it.

So for his post I wanted to explore budget things you can do on a date in Essex that don’t cost a fortune but will still be guaranteed fun.

Sweet and Sticky

Don’t mistake this for a free bedroom activity lol. Essex is home to one of the TipTree Jam museums and cafes.

What person wouldn’t love a very English date over a cup of tea and a jam scone! I know I would!

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

Just a stones throw away from Essex is Clacton on sea. Why not take a date for a fish and chips supper and a pound on the two pence machines. I for one would be made up with a date like this. Essex dating doesn’t have to be all glitz and glamour.

I imagine people in Devon Dating have many beach dates as it’s just so beautiful and lots to see and do.

Animal Lovers Paradise

If your dating someone who loves animals why not take a trip to visit Pets Corner. This is free to enter you just made a donation in there donations box! How amazing is that! The pennies you save on this date could buy you a coffee or two for you both.

Child’s Play

Maybe your potential new partner has a child that you want to impress as well as them. Why not head down to King Georges Park in Chelmsford for a run around and some climbing fun in the play park. Again another free activity to enjoy.

The Beauty Of The Church

Chelmsford cathedral is a beautiful place to visit it people like historical buildings. Throughout the year they offer many free concerts and expeditions so it’s worth while keeping and eye out on their website and social media for up and coming events.

Here are just a few super Simple and super low cost ideas for dating in Essex you don’t need to be a footballer or a wag and flash the cash to be able to have a great time in what can be perceived as a wealthy town.

For more ideas on places to visit and to check out photos and reviews check out Trip Advisor

If you are trying to date in the current pandemic why not try some virtual dates. I have just completed an online escape room type challenge with my friend both using our own devices we worked our way through the activities with video calls along the way.

I feel this would be a great 3rd date while dating online as you want to get to know each other a little first before picking their brains first.

If you live local to Essex what would you suggest for a budget date.

Take Care and Stay Safe

T xx