So even though I would really like to keep my face off this blog and try and remain some what anonymous, I would really like my readers to get to know me so here are 10 Facts about me.

  1. I struggle to conceive my son for 5 years and finally after fertility treatment my dream came true.
  2. My previous job was working in an adult entertainment industry for 10 years…. No I wasn’t a porn star.
  3. Me and my partner have been together for 11 years but we have lived together 13 years. Can you guess why?
  4. I passed my driving test with my dad who is not an instructor as I had an instructor who was a bully so we fired her.
  5. My guilty pleasure is reality TV, back to back to back.

6. I act very confident in person but its often just an act.

7. Side hustling money is something I enjoy doing through various avenues.

8. I aim to be self employed in the next 5 years with my blogs and side businesses.

9. I have a registered Cakeaway business where I sell slices of cake at events and markets.

10.My family is the most important to me!

If you could tell me one fact about you what would it be?